Sit in on the Sea

“Sit-in on the Sea (2006; 48 min.)” will debut on local public airwaves, on community television broadcasting, `Olelo, Channel 53, NATV on Oceanic cable. This powerful bilingual (Japanese with English subtitles) documentary from Okinawa shows the spirit of Uchinanchu in their ongoing struggle with Japan for self-determination, human rights and peace, led by inspiring elders.

Here are the scheduled airdates, all on Channel 53:
7/16/07 Mon 10:00pm
7/17/07 Tue 8:00 am
7/30/07 Mon 4:00 pm
8/6/07 Mon 10:00pm

NOTE: It is also possible to watch this film at the indicated times of airing via webstreaming at www.olelo.org by
clicking on NATV under“Olelonet." To convert your time zone to Hawai`i zone, see:

In addition, the film will play at the Jikoen Hongwanji (1731 N. School & Likelike Hwy, in Honolulu) on August 3, at 7 pm, followed with discussion.
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